Hol(e)y Tees

In February, the Radical Repair Workshop had the opportunity to host an indoor show at Supergraphic, an artist-run warehouse space in Durham, NC. I took it as an opportunity to reach out to friends and borrow their holiest (holey-ist) teeshirts to put on display. Each participant also filled out a brief questionnaire. The show turned out to be much more moving and insightful than I expected; it reminded me that our links to memories are often hyperconnected to the material objects we preserve and cherish.

Here is a link to a PDF of the entire show, which I put together in a document. Or, if you prefer, here’s a downloadable PDF.

THANK YOU to all of the participants, it was truly lovely to learn your stories.

view of the show @ supergraphic
ann tilley
gail dodge
bec conrad

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