Do you have a broken item you’d like to donate to the Radical Repair Workshop?

We are currently accepting donations of broken items. Please read the following carefully and contact us or come to an event to donate your item!

Items we are accepting: [please note that we may not be able to take the items you wish to donate, and that discretion will be used in our selection process]

  • Textiles and clothing [knitwear, quilts, shoes, etc.]
  • Personal accessories [watches, jewelry, glasses, etc.]
  • Ceramics
  • Hand tools such as shovels, spoons, or rakes [nothing with a motor or electronics]
  • Other items will be considered, particularly those with an interesting backstory

Process of donating:

  • Items can be donated in person at an event or you can donate by contacting Julia directly to arrange a shipment or drop off
  • Items will be assessed for acceptance to the Radical Repair Workshop. We try to take as much as possible but cannot take all items due to condition, need, or other factors. If we cannot take your item, we will help you find a good home for it!
  • You will be asked to fill out a form about the item you are donating that will include information about its history, significance, and other pertinent details

What will happen to your item?

  • Once you have filled out an intake form, your item will be assessed for repair
  • Repair will be based on the history of the item, your relationship to it and any other information that can be gathered from the object itself and your description of its history on the form
  • The item will be repaired and added to the archive of the Radical Repair Workshop for display and inspiration. The items will not necessarily be repaired back to a functional state. Part of the idea of this project is exploring how using items for purposes other than their original intent has an impact on their significance and can communicate a message about lived experience
  • The item will join the Radical Repair Workshop’s permanent collection inside Sonny the Camper. Items may travel for inclusion in off-site Radical Repair Workshop gallery shows. Your item’s story will travel with it; it’s part of the repair

What if I don’t have an item to donate?

  • No problem! Please come see the permanent collection inside of Sonny the Camper at any Radical Repair Workshop public event
  • Participate in demonstrations during public events, tell your friends about the Radical Repair Workshop and give us a follow on social media!
  • Donate money or your time to the Radical Repair Workshop by contacting Julia directly
  • Thank you!